Our vision is to create an annual Roller Sport Marathon event that is unique, innovative, recreational and brings communities together.  The event will not only boost the London economy, it will also support the hopes and ambitions of young people in the capital.  It will have a social impact through fundraising and campaigning on behalf of a number of different charities.


We will achieve our goals by:

  • Uniting the three major roller spot organisations in the UK and galvanising their efforts around one corporate vision.
  • Encouraging young people to take up roller skating as an alternative sport and recreational activity.
  • Working in partnership with all the London Authorities, the Metropolitan Police and the London Mayor.
  • Attracting business sponsorship from aligned companies and brands.


  1. For young people to become roller sports ambassadors and future Olympic Champions
  2. To provide young people with a sport that will help them to cope effectively with the mental and emotional challenges associated with becoming an adult.
  3. To confirm London’s place on the World stage as a place of innovation, creativity and diversity
  4. To grow the event over the next five years
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