Just Skate supports the following charities

St George’s Hospital Charity – helping the hospitals

Registration in England & Wales No. 1171195

St George’s Hospital Charity exists to support St George’s and Queen Mary’s Hospitals and the communities they serve. Every day, their work makes a huge difference to patients, their families and the staff who care for them. To find out more please visit


Registration in England & Wales No. 1138918

RollaDome provides skating lessons and roller skating packages for young people and families.  Their mission is to make a difference to young people by encouraging active healthy, well being through their use of roller sports, as an alternative to traditional sporting activities.

Wheels and Wheelchairs Charity

Registration in England & Wales No. CH10284

Wheels & Wheelchairs are a group of London-based skaters, roller-bladers and wheelchair users who skate together as a group on a regular basis.

The wheelchair users are pushed by the skaters, and together they cover a distance of 5 – 12 miles. The ir Street Strolls are led and organised by the London Friday Night Skate & Sunday Stroll.

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