Here is the planned route for our roller skating event on Saturday 26th June.  There may still be some last minutes changes.

Route map for Final Route by Yannick Mango on

London Skaters Marathon – Route of 22 km
Undine Street St Boniface Primary School Starting
Mitcham Road Bad surface at the traffic light
Garrat Lane Bus Lane
Aboyne Road 2 give ways oncoming traffic
Tranmere Road
Magdalen Road
Garrat Lane Bus Lane
Kimber Road
King George’s Park Stip short down hill
Neville Gill Close
Buckhold Road
Barley Walk
Chivers Passage
Ram Street
Armoury Way Big on coming traffic
Old York Road Turn right to go to next road
Podmore Road
Trinity Road Crossing York Road
Bridgend Road Pedestrian Pathway
The Tidal Thames Skating by the river
Clove Hitch Quay
Bridges Court Skating around Helico pad
Skating by the river
Lombard Road
Vicarage Crescent
Westbridge Road
Parkgate Road
Battersea Park Albert Gate – Entrance
Battersea Park – Carriage Drive North 1st Barrier
Battersea Park – Carriage Drive East
Battersea Park – Carriage Drive South
Battersea Park – Carriage Drive West 1st Break on the green
Sun Gate Exit of the park
Albert Bridge Road Large big road
Brynmaer Road
Warriner Gardens
Lurline Gardens
Queenstown Road
Queen’s Circuis
Prince of Wales Drive
Battersea Park Road
Thessaly Road
Ascalon Street
Stewarts Road Light up hill straight to traffic
Union Road Light up hill
Larkhal Rise Steep short hill up to the bridge
Rectory Grove
Old Town
Clapham Common North Side Skating on pavements against the traffic
Clapham Common Entrance of the common
Skating through the common
Windmill Drive Crossing to join the other part
of Clapham Common
Clapham Common West Side
Walsingham Place Bricks surface
Roseneath Road
Wronghton Road
Thurleigh Road Long down hill
Half way through a long up hill
Bolingbroke Grove
Ravenslea Road
Hearnville Road
Chestnut Grove Balham Station
Balham High Road Large cycle lane all the way to
Tooting Bec
Upper Tooting Road Lond down Hill – Not steep
No bus lane
Mitcham Road Tooting Broadway Station
Undine Street St Boniface Primary School Finishing
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