London to Le Mans

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Skate from London to Le Mans to Raise Money for Charity

For the third year, LSM is running a skating event to raise money for St George’s Hospital Charity. This year, a group of skaters will be skating from London to Le Mans in four or five days. Once we have reached Le Mans (and we have had a chance to rest), we will take part in the 24 hours roller event. The event starts on Saturday 8th July at 12pm.

Here is the timetable (please note that not all details are confirmed yet):

Saturday 1st July: Leaving London from Hyde Park to the first stop

Sunday 2nd July: Leaving **** to Portsmouth.  Night Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen

Monday 3rd July: Caen to ****.  First night in France

Tuesday 4th July: ***** to *****. 2nd night

Wednesday 5th July: ***** to Le Mans

Thursday 6th July: Rest at Camping

Friday 7th July: Rest at Camping

Saturday 8th July: 24 hours roller at Le Mans Circuit starts at 12pm

Sunday 9th July: 24 hours roller at Le Mans Circuit finishes at 12pm.

Sunday 9th July:  Coach to London

If you want to take part in the 24 hours roller event, we’ll be able to direct you to a group you can join. Email

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